Conan Rails Against Hasselbeck Over Her Questions To Obama: She ‘Didn’t Even Win’ Survivor!

Conan Rails Against Hasselbeck Over Her Questions To Obama

Last night, TBS host Conan O’Brien looked back on the President’s visit to The View, remarking that he’d expected the show’s hosts to lob a bunch of softball questions at Barack Obama, only to find that conservative host Elisabeth Hasselbeck was pretty hard on him. Inordinately hard. Infuriatingly hard.

“Who the hell’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck?!” O’Brien demanded.

“To ask the President a question? I don’t know,” said Andy Richter.

“She won a reality show — she didn’t even win! She was like… FIFTH!” said O’Brien, his voice rather impressively rising several octaves.

“She was on Survivor, yes,” said Richter.

“Hey, leader of the free world! Answer this!” said O’Brien, doing an impression of Hasselbeck-as-angry-goblin-lady.

Have a look, via TBS:

h/t TeamCoco

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