Conan Rounds Up Celebrity Army and Jams on Guitar to Kick off MTV Movie Awards

Conan O’Brien kicked off the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night with an amazing, record-setting, celebrity-filled cold open before kicking off a monologue that mainly poked fun at the awards ceremony itself, starting out by crying, “Welcome to the Satanic Cult Awards, ladies and gentlemen! All hail the Dark Lord!”

O’Brien managed to break a record for the most celebrity cameos in a cold open (50), including Seth Rogen, Martin Scorsese, Paul Rudd, Skrillex, Banksy (not really), the cast of The Big Bang Theory, and Jack Nicholson‘s middle finger. Troy Miller, who directed the cold open, told The Hollywood Reporter how it was pulled off, saying, “We’d come in, get it from six different angles and people would be out in six minutes.”

In the monologue, he mocked the over-the-top set design, the “standing section” crowded around him like followers of a messiah, and the fact that he is a stand-up comedian performing for a clearly bored Grumpy Cat. (Yes, Grumpy Cat’s in the audience.)

O’Brien also asserted complete creative control over the awards ceremony, distilling the best films of the year down to Vine videos, giving out an award for best product placement, and doing an entire musical number about how he has no interest in performing a clichéd, over-the-top musical number.

Watch the video below, via MTV:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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