Condoleezza Rice Is Making A Cameo Appearance On 30 Rock

Her debt to America paid, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is having a bit of fun in the post-Bush era, having just finished filming a cameo appearance for the NBC comedy 30 Rock. Rice, who had been repeatedly referred to on the program as the Alec Baldwin character Jack Doneghy’s ex-girlfriend, will be arriving in his office soon, though no word on what her role there will be.

Rice announced her cameo on NPR this week, CNN reports, a gig which the show’s creator Tina Fey enthusiastically endorsed:

Calling Rice’s spot an “amazing cameo,” Fey lifted the veil on guest spot coordination saying, “Every now and then we hear that someone wants to come, but…usually we try and do it where we write the part first so that we have something good to offer them, because all actors like to see, you know, a juicy part.”

CNN also notes that the only other political figures ever tied to the show were former Vice President Al Gore (who made a cameo appearance) and President Bill Clinton (who turned one down), which makes Rice the first Republican– and certainly the first Bush Cabinet member– to hop on board. Which begs the question: are other Bush Administration officials pursuing casual acting careers, too? It does feel like a rather long time since anyone saw Dick Cheney in public…

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