Conflict of Interest? O’Reilly, Kurtz Go After Ed Schultz for Being ‘Too Cozy with the Unions’

MSNBC host Ed Schultz is a big labor supporter, and amidst a wave of criticism over his refusal to support NBC-linked protests, it was discovered that he’s taken in roughly a quarter of a million dollars from union groups in the past two years. Bill O’Reilly leaped on this Monday night, joined by Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz.

Kurtz agree the “appearance is awful” for Schultz and MSNBC, and wondered why Schultz is doing any paid speeches for labor groups in the first place if he’s already getting tons of money from them.

But what bothered O’Reilly more was the entire culture of the liberal network, suggesting, “Just make MSNBC an entertainment network!… You want to be a left-wing network? Fine!… But you’re not a news network. You’re an advocacy network.”

Kurtz noted there’s plenty of advocacy on Fox too, but the difference is that Fox has a clearer line of delineation between the news side and the opinion side, and separating them from the news division would be a problem, he argued, because MSNBC “benefits by association” with the more-respected NBC News.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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