Congrats, White House Press Corps! You Didn’t Ask a Single Question About Duck Dynasty

Everyone, let’s give a hand to the White House Press Corps!

Despite having more than ample time to do so, not a single reporter asked the president a question about A&E suspending Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson for his comments in a GQ interview.

Most people seemed to believe you were going to ask about it. At this very office, we placed the odds at 2:1 that someone would smirk their way through such a vapid question. Some of us had our desks prepped for maximum #headdesk-ing. In fact, this very scribe threatened to quit his job and retreat to a Tibetan monastery.

But you exceeded expectations (low bar, eh?) and resisted asking any banal questions about a private company making a (probably terrible) decision to suspend an employee who said some predictably crass stuff about homosexuality.

Of course, that bright note doesn’t change the fact that, as some more critical scribes have noted, the air in this particular White House Press Conference felt a tad… self-congratulatory and chummy — especially when one reporter asked for the president’s New Year’s resolution.

Take it away, Reason’s Nick Gillespie and Jeremy Scahill of Dirty Wars fame:

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