Conservative Activist Group Spokesman: House GOP Will Not Support Senate’s Fiscal Cliff Plan

Ron Meyer, spokesman for the conservative political group American Majority Action Fund, told Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade Tuesday that if the Senate-passed fiscal cliff deal also passes in the house, “it won’t have a majority of Republican support.” The plan, Meyer said, “is wildly unpopular in the GOP caucus.”

“In fact, I think it may have as few as 50 votes in the House,” he added. “They think it’s outrageous that McConnell passed it.”

According to Meyer, House Speaker John Boehner may not even vote ‘yes’ on the deal himself, because he “needs to save face” for his own election in two days.

Meyer took a dig at Vice President Joe Biden and said the deal was giving away all Republican leverage and “not doing anything to help the American people in the long term.”

“Working with Joe Biden…I think that shows where this gets you,” he said. “We’re going to tank the economy.”

Watch the full clip below, via Fox News:

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