Conservative Columnist Rich Galen Accuses CNN Of Waging War On Republicans

On Monday afternoon, conservative columnist Rich Galen appeared on CNN host Wolf Blitzer‘s program to discuss, among other things, the “War on Christmas.” And we learned that Galen is not one to beat around the bush Christmas tree.

Blitzer kicked things off by playing a clip from sister network TNT’s “Christmas in Washington” special. During the holiday program, President Barack Obama — who, for some, isn’t as committed to Christianity or the spirit of Christmas as they would like — shared that “the story of Jesus Christ changed the world, for me and for millions of Americans.”

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“If there’s a war on religion from this President, or a war on Christmas,” Wolf weighed in, it certainly wasn’t evident that night.

“It was beautiful,” Galen agreed, “but, just… Please. CNN just couldn’t be more, you know, on one side of this thing.”

“I’m not defending Rick Perry,” he added. “Let’s see what Rick Perry had to say… Oh, you don’t have it. I see.”

“CNN,” he later insisted, “has a war on this issue.”

“Well you’re here, right?” Blizter responded. “Do we have a war on you?”

Have a look, via CNN:

h/t NewsBusters

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