Conservative Comedian Brad Stine Rails Against The Liberal ‘Wussification’ Of America At CPAC

Conservative Christian comedian Brad Stine has been described as “a clean Denis Leary,” which basically means that he YELLS A LOT but only yells words WITHOUT FOUR LETTERS. As such, he was the PERFECT GUY to send CPAC attendees off before the day’s big dinner. To close off HIS SET, he explained that the ONLY THING missing from the conservative movement right now was “the COMEDY FACTOR,” as people like Jon Stewart and Bill Maher were spreading liberal messages far and wide. He told the audience that they needed TO RALLY TOGETHER to spread the truth about the LIBERAL WUSSIFICATION OF AMERICA. Some examples of wussification that Stine attacked were AIR BAGS and CHILDREN’s BIKES THAT AREN’T CLEARLY DESIGNED FOR ONE GENDER OR ANOTHER.

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Stine’s routine seemed to GO OVER WELL with the audience. Certainly better than OTHER COMEDY ROUTINES AT CONSERVATIVE CONVENTIONS. You can watch the set below although YOU MIGHT WANT to turn down YOUR SPEAKERS. If the CAPS LOCK hasn’t clued YOU IN. There’s a lot of YELLING. A lot of YELLING.

Watch the video from CSPAN below:

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