Conservative Journalist on Fox: Feds Raided My Home and Took My Notes, ‘Clearly Intimidation’

Conservative reporter Audrey Hudson revealed to The Daily Caller late last week that a stack of her files were confiscated in a raid conducted by the Department of Homeland Security, and on Monday she spoke to Gretchen Carlson on Fox about the raid and said it was “clearly intimidation.”

Hudson explained the feds raided her home with a warrant for a potato gun her husband purchased years ago, but they ended up taking her files and may have ended up compromising her confidential informants. Hudson was working on a story about the Federal Air Marshal Service lying to Congress about how many flights they were actually protecting.

And Hudson didn’t even know they confiscated the files until a month later when whey called her to let her know she could pick them up.

Hudson told Carslon it was “clearly intimidation” and was worried about her sources and the kind of precedent this raid set.

“I needed to let my sources know they could have been compromised,” “I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to another reporter, because we can’t just have the government coming into your house on a minor warrant and walk out with whatever files they please from our work product.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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