Conservative Media Figures Attack ‘Gun Free Zones,’ Advocate For More Firearms in Schools

In response to the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida that took the lives of 17 people yesterday, many in conservative media launched an attack against “gun free zones” and called for laws allowing regular citizens to arm themselves inside schools.

While many others call for legislative reforms that would restrict access to weapons, such as stricter background checks and specific weapon bans, right-wing figures took the opposite approach.

NRATV’s newest voice Dan Bongino advocated for additional firearms in schools, saying the only way another one of these shootings can be prevented is “a good guy with the appropriate training and a firearm to stop it.”

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe suggested laws should be passed allowing regular citizens “to arm themselves” while inside schools and other gun free zones.

“Perhaps we have to also look at citizens being able to arm themselves in certain areas like this school, which was a gun free zone,” Boothe argued today.

She justified the idea by pointing to the recent shooting in Sutherland, Texas where 26 people were killed, as an NRA instructor armed with his own rifle interrupted and chased off the gunman from the scene.

Below are the many other examples of conservative media personalities calling for more firearms in schools and blaming the incident on gun free zones:

Watch Lise Boothe’s comments on the matter above, via Fox News.

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