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Conservative Media Watchdog Rips Seth Meyers Bit on Anti-LGBT Laws as ‘Anti-Christian’

Late Night host Seth Meyers released a biting segment Thursday night on the anti-LGBT legislation that recently passed the state legislatures in Georgia and North Carolina, inviting censure from a conservative media watchdog Newsbusters, which blasted Meyers as “anti-Christian.”

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has vowed to veto the “religious liberty” bill in his state, saying, “I do not think that we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community.” North Carolina Gov. Pat McRory has signed into law his state’s bill, which strikes down local anti-discrimination laws that protected LGBT people and institutes new restrictions against transgender people.

Meyers was pretty unequivocal: “Laws like these legalize discrimination,” he said.

Meyers explained how the legislation’s authors in Georgia made the definition of “faith-based groups” that the bill would have protected so broad, that it could have been extended to include the KKK — a possibility the bill’s supporters weren’t able to refute, when asked directly.

Nonetheless, Newsbusters blasted Meyers for having the temerity to “compare religious freedom bills to segregation.” Newsbusters asserted that Meyers and his material were both “anti-Christian” and that his segment was a “truly humorless rant.” You can decide for yourself. Check out the video above, via NBC.

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