Conway Claims ‘Loser’ Clinton ‘Lost Miserably,’ Bashes Media ‘Still Stuck in Election’


Kellyanne Conway says she’s tired of talking about Hillary Clinton, and yet, she spent most of her morning talking about Hillary Clinton.

The White House special counsel appeared on Fox & Friends today, where she was asked about to President Trump’s tweet about Clinton, the FBI, and the 2016 election. (Side note: Trump’s tweet was apparently inspired by an earlier Fox & Friends segment)

After Conway talked about the “disgust” over Fusion GPS’ Trump dossier, she went on a tirade against the media for reporting on the administration’s apparent inability to stop talking about the political foe they defeated over a year ago.

Her rant came after CNN’s Chris Cuomo sparred with her last night over who was more obsessed with Clinton, a feud that has carried into this morning.

Calling Clinton an “ungracious loser,” on Fox News, Conway raved about how the press wants to ignore Trump’s successes in office because they can’t get over Clinton’s 2016 loss, and would rather talk about the Trump-Russia collusion “delusion.”

“I know people love to talk about how we’re so obsessed with Hillary Clinton here,” said Conway. “The fact is, we only have to talk about her because people won’t let go of an election she lost miserably.”

Conway continued to hype up the Trump Administration’s accomplishments while insisting that Clinton only comes up for them “when we’re forced to.”

“Some days I’m really hopping mad that people who are in charge of educating and informing the American people refuse to do their job when great things are happening here,” Conway said.

Trump brought up Clinton on his own three times when he held a press conference yesterday, which has prompted a good deal of commotion about how the president cannot stop bringing up the no-longer-relevant former secretary of state.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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