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Conway Slams TV Hosts Who ‘Play Armchair Psychologist,’ and Ridicule Trump’s ‘Mental State’

Kellyanne Conway gave an interview to Fox & Friends on Friday, where she (naturally) ran defense for President Trump as he continues to take heat for his shockingly personal tweets against Mika Brzezinski.

Conway began by reacting to how Scarborough and Brzezinski addressed Trump’s slams as they held their show today.

“It’s incredible to watch people play armchair psychologists ridiculing the president’s physicalities, his mental state,” said Conway. “A lot of these people on TV do not criticize his policies. They do not criticize his actions and his beliefs. They criticize him. The office of the president and its current occupant.”

Conway launched into her usual criticisms about how the press cherry-picks which Trump tweets to cover while giving less attention to the other aspects of the presidency. Conway called Trump’s Twitter habits the “democratization of information” since the mainstream media can no longer be trusted to keep out their “corrosive” elements or discuss any issue that reflects positively on Trump.

Ainsley Earhardt eventually asked Conway about those who say that Trump was “sexist” for attacking Brzezinski over her looks. Conway answered that Trump has elevated women throughout his life, and she thought the sexism allegations were “rich” considering the “never-ending assault” of gender-based criticisms Conway has to deal with.

Watch above, via Fox.

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