Cooper Grills Jay Carney: What Happens When More Americans Get Kidnapped?

Anderson Cooper put White House Press Secretary Jay Carney in the hot seat tonight, grilling him over the White House’s handling of the Bowe Bergdahl release and why the White House didn’t bother fully informing Congress before unilaterally acting on the negotiations.

Cooper asked Carney if the White House was negotiating with terrorists, a charge Carney vehemently denied. Cooper also pointed out that if another American is captured in the future by a terrorist organization, they could point to what happened with Bergdahl and ask “why won’t a deal be made this time?”

Carney insisted this was about acting quickly for Bergdahl’s health and personal safety, and it was the right thing to do. Cooper pointed out that Congress not only wasn’t informed, but in one briefing the consensus was “virtually unanimous” in opposing the deal. Carney shot back that notifying Congress is not the same as a “request for permission.”

Cooper highlighted President Obama‘s past opposition to presidential signing statement as an abuse of power, but Carney brushed that aside and said Obama was only talking about “overuse and abuse,” and he’s never actually had a problem with signing statements themselves.

Watch part one of the full interview below, via CNN:

And part two:

[image via screengrab]

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