Cop Filmed Viciously Beating Unarmed Woman on Highway

A cellphone video emerged this weekend of a California cop appearing to brutally beat a woman for no discernible reason on the side of a highway.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the video, filmed on Tuesday evening, depicts a California Highway Patrol officer angrily crossing the La Brea Freeway, yanking a barefooted woman down, and punching her “more than 11 times in the face.”

As of now, the CHP says that it is investigating the incident, but said in a statement that “since there is an ongoing investigation, it would be premature to comment on this specific video segment without reviewing the entire incident.” They also took the woman, who lacked identification, to a hospital for a physical and mental evaluation once she was in custody.

Here’s an interview with the man who filmed the attack, courtesy of CNN:

And here’s the rough footage of the attack itself, via the AP:

[Image via screenshot]

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