Corey Lewandowski and Anthony Scaramucci on Why They Get Along: ‘We’re the FBLs..Fired but Loyal’

On Saturday, fired Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and fired White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci, both loyal and outspoken Trumpians, were asked if they were friends.

They said not only did they get along, they were part of an exclusive, but growing ‘club.’

Appearing together on Fox News’ Watters’ World, host Jesse Watters introduced the pair as now part of Vice President Mike Pence‘s Great America PAC, a move Lewandowski had previously announced in a tweet.

“Do you guys get along?” Watters asked at the start of Saturday’s show. “There’s no turf war here, everything is going to be okay?”

“No we both got fired, we get along great,” Lewandowski replied, prompting a slightly awkward high five from Scaramucci. “You can’t get any better than that, baby…it’s a select group, but getting bigger.”

“You know what it is, it’s we are the FBLs,” Scaramucci then chimed in. “Fired but Loyal.”

Then, after noting that the FBLs is a “very small group,” Watters then moved on, asking the pair, “what do you think of my brilliant commentary?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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