Cornel West: ‘I’m Not Convinced That the Democratic Party Can Be Reformed’

Cornel West supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries, and he has a lot to say about the “what should the Democrats do now?” discussion.

On Democracy Now! today, Amy Goodman asked him about efforts by Sanders and others to reform the Democratic party. West said, “I’m not convinced that the Democratic Party can be reformed. I think it still has a kind of allegiance to a neoliberal orientation. It still has an allegiance to Wall Street––the very victory of Nancy Pelosi is a sign that neoliberalism is still hegemonic in the party.”

He has hope for Keith Ellison as DNC chair, but West still thinks “the Democratic party has simply run out of gas.”

West specifically cited how Democrats haven’t stood up more on TPP, fracking, and Israel, saying, “When you have those kinds of restraints on you, these albatrosses around your neck, how are you going to be a party for the people?”

“Those of us who are outside and free,” he concluded, “we’re going to tell the truth. We’re going to be honest. We will have certain kind of moral and spiritual integrity. And no matter how marginal that makes us, we’re not, in any way, going to become well-adjusted to this injustice out here.”

Watch above, via Democracy Now!

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