Cory Booker Explains Why He Says He Loves Donald Trump

Speaking with Stephen Colbert on Friday’s Late Show, 2020 Democratic hopeful Sen. Cory Booker explained why he says he loves Donald Trump. 

Colbert opened up the conversation by asking Booker about his announcement video where “you said very specifically that you don’t have hate in your heart.”

Colbert added: “You even said you love Donald Trump.”

“Well, my mom taught Sunday school, and she taught me love your neighbor, no exception and never let someone pull you so low you hate them. So I’m not going to let Donald Trump contort my soul,” Booker explained, before saying we need a revival of civic grace.

Then after talking about common ground and our nation’s founding ideals, he clarified that saying he loves his neighbor — even Trump — doesn’t change his political resolve.

“I may love this people, but I don’t want Donald Trump to be my president,” Booker stressed.  “I’m going to work very hard to make sure he’s out of the office…in the name of love.”

Watch above, via CBS

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