Cory Booker Lambasts ‘False’ Gun Debate: ‘I Don’t Know If Anybody Here Has Seen Someone Shot… I Have’

Newark Mayor Cory Booker became visibly frustrated over a debate on gun control on ABC’s This Week Sunday, telling panelists, “I don’t know if anybody here has seen someone shot. I have.” Calling the gun control conversation a “false debate,” Booker went on, “Most of us in America, including gun owners, agree on things that would stop the carnage.”

He continued to describe his personal experiences with gun violence, saying to host George Stephanopoulos, “I don’t know if anybody here has had to put their hand in someone’s chest and stop the bleeding. I have.”

Booker called the gun control debate a “convenient trick to try to divide our country more.” According to Booker, 74 percent of NRA members “agree that nobody in America should be able to buy a gun without doing a background check.” Booker believes the country isn’t as polarized on the issue as it may appear. He went on to say, “Let’s stop the false debate.”

He noted there were problems that needed to be corrected, including “secondary markets” for guns. He also backed increased legislation, such as correcting the fact that terrorist on the “no-fly” list can currently buy guns.

Watch the full clip below, via ABC:

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