comScore Could Al Gore Challenge Hillary in 2016? Mark Halperin Thinks So

Could Al Gore Challenge Hillary in 2016? Mark Halperin Thinks So

There’s a lot of media speculation over likely 2016 contenders on the Republican side, but what about the Democratic side? Hillary Clinton‘s all but the anointed nominee at this point, but Mark Halperin shared an odd, out-of-nowhere theory about who could pose a serious challenge to her in the upcoming election: Al Gore.

No, seriously.

Halperin really thinks if Gore runs in 2016, he has a serious chance of not just being a strong liberal challenger to Clinton, but actually winning the primary race. The others on the Morning Joe panel, of course, had to ask: is this based on anything he’s heard or anyone he’s talked to.

Halperin insists that no one’s talked about Gore 2016 to him, but said he “has a better chance of beating her for the nomination than any Republican today has of beating her in the general election.” And while Clinton is vulnerable, “she’s not vulnerable to Bernie Sanders” and only a strong player like Gore could pose a real threat.

And on Twitter yesterday, Halperin made the case for why:

Watch the segment below, via MSNBC:

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