Coulter: GOP Will Win by ‘Driving Up the White Vote,’ Not Pandering to Minorities

coulterAnn Coulter told Bill O’Reilly tonight that pandering to minority groups won’t help Republicans win elections, but “driving up the white vote” will.

Coulter said Republicans shouldn’t be pandering to Hispanics by supporting immigration reform, because that would be akin to Democrats desperately trying to win over pro-gun or pro-life voters.

She insisted that any polls to the contrary are “lying” and had Mitt Romney gotten lots more Hispanic support in 2012, he would have lost, but if he got just a few percent more of the white vote, he would have won.

O’Reilly challenged her and argued that there’s a “traditional wing” of Hispanics that might warm up to the GOP on social issues, but Coulter insisted outreach still isn’t worth it.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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