Coulter Sees Hope For Anthony Weiner’s Comeback: Kennedy ‘Killed A Girl,’ Weiner Just Showed His ‘Pecker’

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter compared disgraced former congressman and potential New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner to the late Ted Kennedy, Mark Sanford, and Nevada Senator David Vitter during a recent appearance on Geraldo At Large.

A comeback by Weiner would not shock Coulter because it’s happened to politicians that have done far worse. She noted that Kennedy had no problem getting reelected repeatedly after he “killed a girl” while voters continue to return Vitter to office after being caught in a nasty prostitution scandal. Sanford, though, is a tough one for her.

Coulter told host Geraldo Rivera that she wants Weiner to run because she thinks it will take some of the heat off Republicans for nominating Sanford in South Carolina. “These guys get caught in scandals and then no one will hire them, they have nothing to do. ‘Oh I know, I’ll run for my old job again,'” said Coulter.

Weiner was loved by liberals because he was a “pit bull on TV” but the Twitter incident was down right creepy, said Coulter. “He was really nasty about it,” said Coulter.

“When you see that pit bull really obnoxious behavior being deployed on behalf of you sending out pictures of your pecker, the whole thing is just so creepy and embarrassing,” said Coulter.

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