Country Singer Toby Keith — A Democrat — Responds To Assumptions That He’s A ‘Right-Winger’

Forbes’ top-earning country star, Toby Keith, paid a visit to Mike Huckabee‘s Fox News program over the weekend.

Huckabee got right down to business, asking Keith whether his popular country songs contains political messages. The host noted that the singer doesn’t appear to be overtly political, but then immediately segued way to “let’s play a clip from the Taliban song,” a juxtaposition that drew laughter from the audience.

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After a clip of Keith performing the song at a live show, Huckabee pointed out that the song wasn’t about Democrats or Republicans, but “about America,” asking the singer if he was bothered by being called a “right-winger.” Keith — a lifelong Democrat from a Southern Democratic family — responded by pointing out that the song is actually about a person living in Afghanistan, noting that, after he performed the song in that country, Afghans staying near the American base bought every copy of the song from the local convenience store.

Keith also took a moment to promote his “adult beverage,” complete with a worm in the bottle. While the drink isn’t “Baptist friendly,” it’ll “cure colds”… and make for a delightful exchange in which a country singer refers to a TV host as “Hucks.”

Have a look at the segment, courtesy of Fox News:

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