‘Court of Karma’: Democratic Rep. Takes in Some Michael Flynn Schadenfreude on New Day

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Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley contended that some sort of cosmic justice was catching up with General Michael Flynn over his controversial 2015 trip to Russia.

“Remember the general leading chants of ‘lock her up, lock her up’ at the Republican convention? So if he’s not in trouble in a court of law, he’s probably in trouble in the court of karma,” Quigley said on CNN’s New Day, Wednesday

Co-anchor Alisyn Camerota asked the Illinois politician if General Flynn had broken the law by taking the paid speaking gig in Russia. She was amused by Congressman Quigley’s answer and replied, “Maybe that’s what’s coming back around now, as it will do — as we’ve seen so often in life.”

The CNN anchor followed up by wondering, “Does the White House bear responsibility for not vetting him properly, or just exercising willful blindness on their part?”

Representative Quigley played up that, “a lot of these confirmations were rushed. There were senators saying that they needed more information and more time.”

The congressman then dropped more snark at the former National Security Adviser: “The fact that he had been fired by a previous administration — here we are in the hockey playoffs. The general just needs to get fired by one more administration, and he has a dubious hat-trick.”

Quigley’s humor again got to Camerota, as she laughed under her breath after the sports reference.

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