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Courting New Hampshire Votes, Trump Is Bizarrely Complimentary on Morning Joe

“Not too much, about an hour and a half,” was Donald Trump’s opening response when asked how many hours of sleep he had last night. The GOP frontrunner to earn his party’s nomination for the Presidency concluded a late night debating in Milwaukee and appeared Wednesday morning in New Hampshire on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

His opening segment was uncharacteristically complimentary of the Fox Business debate, as well as virtually all of his on-stage competitors. Perhaps the 90 minutes of sleep drained him of his usual tenacity, or perhaps a softer-toned tactic was on full display from Saint Anselm College Wednesday morning.

Co-host Joe Scarborough opened by asking, “Let’s start with the debate last night, how do you think it went?”

The typically-contentious Trump eased up immediately, responding, “I thought it was great. I thought the moderators were fantastic… It was elegant, it was an elegant debate.”

When the door was cracked open to allow Trump to hop in to his usual fighting approach, he instead responded kindly about the other GOP candidates around him. “I don’t think anybody did poorly. Usually I should say ‘they were all terrible’, right?” Trump said to a laugh from the New Hampshire crowd.

When Mika Brzezinski shot in with a direct question on Trump next closest rival Dr. Ben Carson, Trump again doubled down on the niceties. “I thought he was good.”

“Last night you seemed to keep the gloves off,” opined Scarborough.

“Well I’ve actually become friends with a lot of the people,” said Trump regarding his GOP adversaries, perhaps indicating the true intentions of his hands-off approach Wednesday morning.

In the most bizarre reversal of roles, Trump even took to Scarborough at one point, “Boy, you’re being really critical!”.

Is this the beginning of a new Trumpian era of kindness? Are the days of Twitter bashing, soundbite grabbing, phone-number releasing, and name-calling long gone?

Perhaps getting booed last night by the crowd in Milwaukee had a softening effect that no one saw coming.

Check out the above clip from MSNBC and judge the reason for Delicate Donald for yourself.

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