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‘Cover the Real News!’ GOP Rep. Spars with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Over Trump Tweets

Alisyn Camerota sparred with Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA) over President Donald Trump’s weekend tweet of a video in which he beats Vince McMahon with a CNN graphic superimposed on the WWE commissioner’s face.

Camerota first asked Taylor about the origins of the video Trump tweeted, which came from an anti-Semitic and racist Reddit account.

Taylor responded that he did not know about the origins of the video, but that he thinks the media is “getting played” by Trump every time it overreacts to a tweet from the president.

“Every time he does this, you guys overreact — and when I say you guys, I mean the media in general — you overreact and you play right into his hands,” he started.

Taylor continued, claiming that “most Americans” don’t think “the president is inciting violence from a WWE clip.”

“There’s tons of news out there, let’s talk about real issues,” he added.

“We’ve been told these are official presidential statements,” Camerota shot back, before asking if the video is a official statement.

Taylor again said that the media is taking the bait from Trump, stating “you gotta start reporting on news. This is not really news.”

The two went back and forth over media coverage of policy, with Taylor offering some “objective advice” on how to report the news, before Camerota asked if the tweets should just be ignored:

“I accept your career advice. But I’m curious, are you saying that we should begin now ignoring all the president’s tweets — because really the vast majority of them are frivolous, as we have shown you, with the numbers — you think we should just start ignoring the president’s tweets?”

Taylor said that he would like to see CNN report on its own negative coverage of Trump, to which Camerota replied “Congressman, that is a, forgive me, crazy suggestion.”

“Why is that a crazy suggestion?” Taylor protested. “Cover the real news!”

“I thought we were gonna come on here and talk about the South China Sea, about voter fraud, but here we are, talking about the tweets, the whole segment,” he said. “You’re playing right into the political hands.”

Watch the exchange above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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