Craig Ferguson Asks MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe If “Journalist” And “Democrat” Are The “Same Thing”

MSNBC commentator and author Richard Wolffe, on CBS’ Late Late Show Wednesday, admitted to the label “journalist,” but not “Democrat”–leading host Craig Ferguson to ask if those weren’t two words for the same thing.

Wolffe described President Obama’s tax cut deal with Republicans as “embarrassing,” but suggested the broken campaign promise would actually insulate the president from GOP criticism since Republicans were now “in bed with him.”

That prompted this exchange:

FERGUSON: You’re a Democrat, aren’t you?

WOLFFE: I am a journalist.

FERGUSON: A journalist? Much the same thing, isn’t it?

Watch the exchange–and Wolffe’s full comments on the Obama tax cut deal here, from CBS:

Wolffe, who was notably evicted from his regular post as a guest on Countdown, came under fire for serving simultaneously as a Democrat journalist and a senior strategist for Public Strategies, a lobbying and PR firm in Washington.

He’s recently been on a book tour for his latest Obama book, Revival.

(h/t NewsBusters)

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