Crash And Burn: Shep Smith Calmly Derails Alvin Greene’s Political Career


The last time a politician so spectacularly crashed and burned on national television was when Eric Massa took his tickle fight stories to Glenn Beck‘s hot seat. SC Democratic candidate for Senate, Alvin Greene‘s phone interview with Shep Smith today was perhaps slightly less flashy, but safe to say, equally devastating. Oof. Fox should really consider some sort of regular Midterms series where Shep is unleashed on all the candidates.

Greene, who has no political background, or fundraising, or really any experience that would suggest he is capable of being a competent Senator — also, he is facing felony pornography charges — called in to Shep’s show today to discuss his candidacy. Though the result was less a discussion than a total political train wreck. Actually, it was sort of the political version of Shep narrating a car chase. Some highlights:

Shep: You know what people in your own party are saying, Mr. Greene, that people voted for you because alphabetically speaking you were first on the list and that’s why you got 58-59%.

Greene: Look, 60% is very decisive.

Shep: You know Mr. Greene, I like it, and you wouldn’t be the first politician to ever work off talking points, but as I read today through the websites of all of the things that you’ve said every single word you’ve said to me of substance today is repeated….you’re saying the same things over and over again in the same way you’ve said them before. Are they written down?

Greene: Well I get asked the same questions all the time, so I have the same answers for the same questions.

Shep: And to those who would say ‘I smell a rat’ you would say ‘stop smelling’?

Greene: Yes


Shep: You have a matter of a porn charge against you, how are you going to handle that?

Greene: I have no comment on that.

Shep: No, no, seriously sir, wait just a moment. With great respect, you are running to be a senator from the great state of South Carolina, trying to unseat an incumbent, you did so without campaigning, you have a porn charge against you, you’re not going to tell the people of your state the details of those charges?

Greene: I have no comment on that.

These are just the hightlights, mind you, the whole interview is pretty spectacular. The icing on the cake being the look on Shep’s face when he concludes “Mr. Greene, South Carolina’s candidate from the Democratic party to be a Senator in the United States Senate.” Priceless. Watch below.

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