Creepy: Court Documents Reveal Fox News Had A Big Bed Bug Problem

No matter how it goes, a bed bug infestation always seems to turn ugly. And it certainly did for Fox News, leading to physically and mentally traumatized employees at Fox’s studios inside the News Corp. building in New York, and now–naturally–the inevitable lawsuit. As part of that lawsuit, the “extraordinary measures” the network employed in 2007 to rid its building of bed bugs is revealed, including the installation of insect monitors, chemical treatments, relocating studios, bringing in bed bug-sniffing dogs to scour the building, hiring a certified entomologist from the American Museum of Natural History and even using the freezing agent Cryonite (no, not Kryptonite) to treat carpets.

And somehow, it didn’t work. What was the ultimate problem that none of those measures could fix? According to Eriq Gardner in The Hollywood Reporter, it was an inside job:

After Fox began bed bug inspections at the homes of its employees — um, nanny state? — they discovered that one of their employee’s homes was infested with spiderwebs, cockroach droppings, and yes, bed bugs. The American Museum entomologist concluded that the treatments were working, but every time the premises were made bed-bug free, the same employee would bring new bed bugs into the offices. (Eventually, this employee left Fox News and began receiving workers’ comp.)

Okay, I feel itchy and need to go change my clothes.

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