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Today in Creepy: Candidates Now Mine Your Data for Custom Campaign Ads

Have you ever watched a commercial and thought “Gee, I like this ad, but I wish they sent a different, more unique ad directly into my home based on information someone’s collected on me?” Well, worry not, because there is an exciting new technology in the works called “Addressable TV,” that would allow advertisers to send specifically targeted ads right into your own home. What happens is advertisers can look at consumer data and determine how best to hone their message for specific home audiences.

The technology has already been utilized to some degree by advertisers and political campaigns. An Allstate ad for renter’s insurance is only being broadcast for people who rented their homes as opposed to buying them. And President Obama‘s 2012 campaign “experimented with it on a small scale,” using voter data to determine where best to strike with ad campaigns.

That effort, however, was minimal at best, but a new effort announced last month by Dish and DirecTV will make it much easier for political campaigns to specifically target individual homes with different, unique messages.

The move now was inspired partly by the use of data of in the most recent presidential election, executives at Dish and DirecTV said…

The partnership will give campaigns the ability to show their messages to a precise set of potential voters and eliminate spending waste, said Keith Kazerman, senior VP-ad sales, DirecTV.

Just hope that the ads don’t start developing new levels of awareness and going, “Hi, Greg. You know that pothole on Main Street you always have to swerve around to avoid? If I’m your next governor, I’ll fix it right away, no questions asked. Please, no thanks are necessary, Greg. Also, vote.”

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