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Crossfire Guest: President Obama ‘Like Hitler in the Bunker’

Someone compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler, so it must be a day ending in “y.” In this case, the culprit was Reason editor Nick Gillespie, a panelist on Tuesday night’s edition of CNN’s Crossfire, who was remarking on the President’s handling of the website, while also demanding the firing/resignation of Secretary of Health and Human services Kathleen Sebelius., which must make her Eva Braun in this metaphor?

Gillispie said, of Sebelius, “she should have tendered her resignation,” and added “This is the biggest G.D. deal that a liberal administration has put forward since Harry Truman,” because imagine the outrage if he’d said “Goddamn?”

“If the President didn’t know a couple days before how bad it was,” Gillespie added, “what is he, Hitler in the bunker? That is objectionable. ”

“Almost as objectable as the Hitler reference,” a smiling Van Jones added, because this is Crossfire.

“He’s like Nixon,” Gillespie allowed. “Is that better?”

Breaking: Nick Gillespie Not Sure if Hitler Was Worse Than Nixon.

Here’s the clip. from Crossfire:

(h/t Gary Stewart, because I don’t watch Crossfire)

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