Cruz Goes Nuclear on ‘Birther’ Trump: ‘I’m Not Gonna Be Taking Legal Advice’ from You!

trump-cruzTed Cruz tonight washed away any pretense that he was playing nice with Donald Trump, going absolutely nuclear on him for questioning his citizenship status.

Cruz said that of course he’s a natural-born citizen and pointed out that months ago, Trump wasn’t bothered by it, and “the Constitution hasn’t changed” since then. He pointed out that the theories Trump is backing himself up with would mean Trump himself wouldn’t be a citizen. (And he even invoked the “birther” card.)

Trump fired back and ended up being repeatedly booed as he took cheap shots at Cruz, told him it’s unfair for him to hurt the GOP with this question lingering over his head, and even somewhat condescendingly offering him the VP slot.

He cried, “Who the hell knows if you can even serve in office.”

Cruz and Trump battled on the legal issue for a while before Cruz cried, “I’m not gonna be taking legal advice from Donald Trump!” He reiterated to the audience that Trump is relying on the legal wisdom of a “left-wing judicial activist.”

Watch above, via FBN.

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