Cruz Spox to Trump Spox: How Are You Not ‘Embarrassed’ by Your Boss’ Behavior?

pierson stewartSpokeswomen for both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz faced off tonight over the ongoing controversy about both candidates’ wives being dragged into the news cycle.

Erin Burnett asked Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson if, as a woman, she was “offended” by Trump getting nasty with Heidi Cruz. Pierson said, “No… I’m one of those women that doesn’t need validation from outside sources.” She said the media should be more outraged about the Melania Trump attack ad that started this whole thing.

And even though the Cruz campaign wasn’t involved, Pierson said, he’s still responsible for not denouncing it earlier. Both Burnett and Cruz communications director Alice Stewart countered that he did.

Stewart went off on Trump’s record of making nasty comments about women and said, “Katrina, I’m surprised and shocked that you’re not embarrassed. If you’re not embarrassed by your boss’ behavior, that says a lot.”

Pierson deflected and brought the issue back to the Melania ad. She insisted that Trump doesn’t treat women “with kid gloves, and I think most independent women would appreciate that.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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