Cruz Surrogate: Donald Trump is Just ‘Hillary Clinton With a Penis’

vlcsnap-2016-05-03-13h08m37s275Former New Jersey senatorial candidate and Ted Cruz surrogate Steve Lonegan used some colorful language Tuesday when explaining how Donald Trump was really just a liberal in disguise.

“If Donald Trump does win tonight and pull out half the delegates, you will see a very different Donald Trump tomorrow,” Lonegan warned on CNN. “Donald Trump will look a lot more like Hillary Clinton than he does like Ronald Reagan.”

Lonegan declined host Kate Bolduan‘s attempts to nail him down on just how many delegates Cruz could expect to win in Indiana. “Ted Cruz will do very well tonight,” he said. “He will outperform expectations like he always does.”

“In essence, we’re not going to nominate Hillary Clinton with a penis,” he concluded.

“Why does this always happen on my show?” an exasperated Bolduan asked. “Why do you guys always throw around the crazy on my show?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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