Cuomo and Lemon Rip Dems Proposing Voting Rights For Terrorists: ‘These People Are Way Out There’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon wonder what 2020 Democrats are playing at with their recent statements about giving voting rights back to felons who’ve been convicted of serious crimes.

Felony voting has been a recurring question for aspiring Democratic candidates ever since Bernie Sanders said at a town hall event that voting rights should extend to prisoners, even terrorists like the Boston Marathon bomber. Cuomo was the one who asked Sanders that question on Monday, and when Lemon joined him on Tuesday night to talk about this, Lemon congratulated his colleague for sparking new conversations among Democratic campaigns.

However, Lemon said he was also “stunned” since he isn’t so sure Americans would want to give voting rights back to people who committed crimes as horrific as the Boston Marathon bombing.

“I think most people in America feel like once you paid your debt to society, maybe you should have the opportunity to go out and vote, and at least exercise your constitutional rights. But if you’re in prison, if you have committed a crime like the Boston marathon bombs or assaulted or abused a child, I don’t think Americans would want people like that to vote.”

Cuomo seemed to agree, noting that critics will use Sanders’ words to say “these people are way out there…they’ve gone far left.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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