Cuomo Apologies to Victims’ Families for Airing Trump’s 9/11 Attack Video: ‘I Don’t Mean to Revisit Your Nightmares’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo apologized on Friday for playing a video tweeted out by President Donald Trump. Earlier in the evening, Trump tweeted out a video showing Rep. Ilhan Omar‘s words from a speech to CAIR interspersed with images from 9/11.

In introducing the segment, Cuomo played a portion from Omar’s actual speech putting the words in a better context.

He then apologized for the 9/11 images that flashed on the screen during the playing of Trump’s tweeted out message.

“I apologize to the families of the victims of 9/11 and people that were there that day,” Cuomo said. “That video should not be used in political hit ads. I’m using it to make a point. I didn’t make the ad. If I thought about it more I don’t think I’d even play the ad. So, I apologize to you. I don’t mean to revisit your nightmares. I’m sorry if that’s the effect it has. ”

Then, at the end of the segment, Cuomo apologized again.

“Let me just say it again. I will never use video like that as part of a political ad again,” Cuomo said. “I don’t care if it’s positive. I’m not going to show those images of that day. I know what they mean to the families. This happened quickly with this video, I won’t do it again.”







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