CNN’s Cuomo Calls Out Dobbs, ‘Trump Trinity’ at Fox News: They’re ‘Doing the Dance of Twisted Facts’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo called out Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs and the Fox evening lineup — which he dubbed the ‘Trump Trinity’– for twisting facts and serving as President Donald Trump‘s backup.

Cuomo’s remarks came during a lengthy talk about how Trump has managed to blame the media after the bomb scare with the help of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and his Fox friends.

“A president who sets a standard for ugly talk, who sees himself as a victim when the people he calls his enemies get bombs sent to them. And he’s the victim,” Cuomo began.”But why wouldn’t he think that when he’s surrounded by those who nod and echo his hypocrisy.”

He continued on: “Sarah Sanders there with a stunningly straight face, calling his shirking of any role or responsibility presidential. And then comes the backup, those doing the dance of twisted facts false step narratives that I call the Fox Trot. Take this tweet from Fox business host Lou Dobbs suggesting this morning, without evidence, it’s all just fake news and fake bombs. Fake? Again, the FBI is investigating it as a domestic terror event. There’s no basis for the cynical assumption. And by the way, doing that? That’s fake. And then comes the Trump Trinity.”

Cuomo then showed clips of Fox’s Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham making pro-Trump remarks and pointing fingers and the media and the left.

Then referring specifically to Carlson he said this: “Look at my boy here, on his show. Put up a chryon, he couldn’t even name CNN. Are we really in this place?”

Here is Dobbs’ tweet by the way. It has since been deleted.

Watch above, via CNN

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