Cuomo Confronts Ted Cruz For Mocking Dem Opponent’s Name: ‘Your Name is Rafael’


The race for the senate seat in Texas is now officially on, with Sen. Ted Cruz set to face off against challenger Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who easily dispatched two opponents in last night’s Democratic primary.

Cruz, however, has already reached for the President Donald Trump playbook, mocking O’Rourke’s name in a country jingle and reminding Texas voters that his real name is “Robert.”

Oddly, the jingle does not mention the fact that the senator’s given name is Rafael Edward Cruz, nor the fact that he was born in Canada.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Cruz got into it on this subject this morning, with Cuomo suggesting the senator was something of a hypocrite, given his active dislike of the nickname bestowed upon him by Trump during the 2016 primary election, which was “Lyin’ Ted.”

“The ad, you go after Beto for his name, Beto is obviously a nickname, why?” Cuomo asked. “One, you didn’t like that dirty pull when you were running for president. The president called you ‘Lyin’ Ted.'” You didn’t like that kind of tactic. Look. Your name is Rafael.”

Cuomo ended his line of questioning by saying “Why go after it? You are both doing the same thing.”

Cruz’s response? It was just a joke.

“In terms of the jingle, some of it is just ‘have a sense of humor,'” he responded. “We had some fun with it because, listen, Texans, there is a common sense practicality in Texas.”

O’Rourke has managed to out-raise incumbent Cruz in three consecutive reporting periods, with his financials boosted largely by small-dollar donations. Nonetheless, he has a pretty steep mountain to climb to unseat Cruz in red-state Texas. O’Rourke has also stated that “Beto,” a popular nickname in El Paso, was given to him by his parents as a baby and it just stuck.

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