Cuomo Hits Corey Stewart For ‘Cheap Shot’ Against Father: Pops Would’ve ‘Rearranged His Face’


Chris Cuomo wasn’t exactly finished with GOP VA Senate candidate Corey Stewart after their contentious interview.

At one point during their hostile exchange, Stewart invoked Cuomo’s father Mario Cuomo, who he alleged said anti-Semitic remarks (a claim he himself didn’t back up). The CNN host blasted the candidate, saying that his father, who is now deceased, was “ten times the man you will ever be on your best day.”

Well, during his handoff to Don Lemon, Cuomo had a bit more to say about him.

After briefly discussing President Trump‘s revived attacks against the media, the conversation shifted to Cuomo’s exchange with Stewart. Lemon asked him if he thought Stewart “knows” that he’s a bigot.

““I think they know 100 percent,” Cuomo said. “I’ll tell you why: I don’t think its natural. You and I grew up in places that were different but had a lot of similar ethic dynamics. My feeling has always been, sometimes hate comes out of ignorance, it’s true. But most of the time people know what they own in their heart. This guy knows what he got into. He knows what he’s trying to distance himself from and that’s why he wouldn’t answer a single, damn question about it, and that spoke volume. That’s why the president likes him, that I don’t know.”

Lemon then slammed Stewart for attacking Cuomo’s father.

“It was a cheap shot,” Cuomo responded. “He’s lucky Pop’s not here he would have rearranged his face.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.


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