Custard Store Manager ‘Shocked’ That Joe Biden Called Him ‘Smartass’

On Friday, we brought you video of Vice President Joe Biden‘s testy rejoinder to a Wisconsin custard store manager, who quipped that the VP could lower taxes in exchange for a frozen treat. Kopp’s Custard Manager (not Assistant Manager!) Scott Borkin appeared on Fox & Friends this morning to express “shock” at Biden’s remark, but the real treat in this clip is the hosts tip-toeing around the word “smartass.”

Even though Vice President Biden’s proclivity for the profane will literally go down in history, it’s still not hard to see why Kopp’s Manager Scott Borkin was “a little thrown” by Biden’s retort to what was a fairly standard yuk about taxes. Put on the spot for a wisecrack about the government, most normal people will go right to the taxes. Perhaps it was Borkin’s passing resemblance to Joe the Plumber that set Biden off.

To his credit, though, Borkin resists the Fox crew’s attempt to turn the quip into a pro-business rallying cry, pretty much saying that his situation is no worse than anyone else’s. Turns out, he was just a guy trying to be funny.

But what’s really funny about this clip is the apparent rule that says if Steve Doocy tries to say “smartass,” he has to say “smartbeep,” but it’s okay if Doocy says “smart” and co-host Brian Kilmeade finishes with “ass.” Wonder how that works with “mother”?

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