CUTE ALERT: NBC Reporter’s Son Wanders On-Set in the Middle of Live Report on Turkey and Syria


NBC national security correspondent Courtney Kube had a live-TV moment on Wednesday when her son wandered on-set as she reported on the developing situation between Turkey and Syria.

Kube was in-studio to report on Turkey’s imminent incursion into Northern Syria, which has been deeply controversial in the last few days due to the danger it poses to American-allied Kurdish forces in the region. As Kube addressed the situation, her son came up behind her and started reaching up to her while she was speaking.

“Sorry, my kids are here,” Kube said as she smiled. She called it a moment of “live television” before turning back to the camera and finishing the report.

Lots of people who caught that moment agreed it was adorably heartwarming, and they took to Twitter to say so and salute Kube:

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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