Daily Beast’s Tina Brown on CNN: Boehner Has Become ‘Rallier of These Crazy People’

On AC360 Later Tuesday night, the Daily Beast’s Tina Brown said one of the only reasons the government actually shut down in the first place was thanks to the personal skittishness of House Speaker John Boehner not to anger members of his own party. Brown found it amazing that John Boehner is so nervous about his own job he has morphed into a “rallier of these crazy people.”

CNN’s Dana Bash pointed out that Republicans have a strategy to fund everything Obama complains about being shut down to see what the Democrats do then, adding that the personal animosity on the hill is at a fever pitch.

Brown joked that maybe the U.S. could get Vladimir Putin‘s help negotiating this, before remarking on how insane the whole thing is.

“It is incredible to me to watch these Republicans put on their suicide vests… What is the most depressing thing, really is to see how John Boehner’s job insecurity, his terror of losing his speakership, means he’s just become this, you know, rallier of these crazy people”

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat added that there are dozens of Republicans who have themselves convinced they can wring out more than even Boehner thinks is possible.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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