Daily Caller Didn’t Realize Politico Writer Was Being Sarcastic About Hillary


The Daily Caller learned the danger of basing an entire story on one tweet today when media reporter Alex Griswold posted a piece with the headline, “Liberal Politico Reporter: Clinton Campaign ‘Collapsing Completely’” that focused on a tweet from Glenn Thrush that most would read as sarcasm:

Thrush subsequently confirmed as much on Twitter:

But once a link to the Daily Caller piece landed on the top of The Drudge Report…

…Thrush more or less dared them to clarify that he was joking:

“Thrush didn’t explain exactly which story led him to believe Clinton’s campaign was ‘collapsing,'” Griswold wrote, pointing to various Politico stories by other writers that have been critical of Clinton over the past few days.

While the post remains unchanged, Griswold acknowledged the awkward situation by retweeting these messages from Mother Jones’ David Corn and the Free Beacon’s Sonny Bunch:

At that point, Griswold shifted tactics to trolling Thrush directly:

Did they? Does Drudge? What about the Daily Caller’s readers? Because it sure didn’t seem that way at first.

Either way, Thrush appears to be done talking about it:

This is what political reporting has come to on a relatively slow-news Thursday in April.

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