Anchors Cruise Chatroulette (With A Little Help From Jon Stewart)

What do Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Brian Williams and Keith Olbermann have in common with a masturbating Jason Jones? They all appeared on tonight’s hilarious Chatroulette segment on the Daily Show. Scoring an impressive Big Three hat trick, Jon Stewart took his viewers through a Chatroulette sessio — plus Olbermann, Liz Claman, some incognito Daily Show staffers and plenty of pixellated male nudity. Major props to the anchors, who all turned in hilarious moments (and biggest props to Sawyer, who was the least hammy and the most out of her element, but still gamely participated) — but the best and funniest moment belonged to Olbermann, whose pseudo-Special Comment was perfectly timed, right up to “I think one of us is supposed to take our pants off now.” Well done, sir. Couric’s setup for her piece on Chatroulette’s creeps and perverts was great, and BriWi’s deer-in-the-headlights silence was golden. Neat, sweet piece on Chatroulette, encapsulating the porn pitfalls, media frenzy, and underlying grainy awkwardness of the whole thing — not to mention the willingness of network anchors to play along with a bit that features masturbation, graphically-suggested nudity and frequent bleeped-out but unmistakable use of the word “cock.” Edward R. Murrow would totally have LOL’d.

Screengrabs of Jon Stewart & Anchors on Chatroulette [BuzzFeed]

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