Daily Show Crowd Jeers Fox’s Greg Gutfeld For Dissing Rest of World

Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld of The Five and The Greg Gutfeld Show made his first appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Wednesday night, and things were going pretty well until Gutfeld decided to insult most of the world. Gutfeld was on hand to promote his new book How to be Right, but quickly fell into a comedic groove with host Trevor Noah by hilariously suggesting that Bernie Sanders “looks like a walking science project,” and assuming for some reason that Trevor Noah wouldn’t get a Lynyrd Skynyrd reference.

Things took a wrong turn for Gutfeld, however, when he went from calling America “Disneyland for Earth” to suggesting that the United States is the lifeboat, and the rest of the planet is “the Titanic.”

The remark drew audible jeers from the crowd, as Gutfeld tried to recover by wondering if “Turks and Kike-ose” is two countries. The crowd reaction was a smattering mixture from then on.

Watch the clip above, from Comedy Central.

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