Daily Show Drafts Six Viewers For The “Rally To Restore Sanity” Bus

The official countdown to the Rally to Restore Sanity (and/or Fear) began last night, when The Daily Show kicked off its one-week D.C. residency. In addition to quips about NPR tote bags and knife fights with Fox, Monday’s episode included a charming segment in which Daily Show correspondents Jason Jones, Wyatt Cenac, and John Oliver gave six lucky fans the opportunity to arrive at the rally in style: on an official Rally To Restore Sanity Bus.

According to the segment, “tens of hundreds of millions of Americans” have pledged to attend Saturday’s event. The Daily Show combed through thousands of Facebook videos posted by those prospective rally attendees, then randomly selected half a dozen posters to come to the rally on a special sponsored bus. This clip, presumably the first of several, shows Jones, Cenac, and Oliver trying to round up the chosen six.

The joke here is that while the three correspondents are as wacky as ever, the people they’ve chosen to ride their bus are reasonable and practical to a fault. Pizza parlor owner Jim Moury, for example, tells Jones that he can’t leave right away because it’s the middle of a work day. Debra Chatman Finley and her husband Gerry say that they need to schedule their bus trip around their other commitments, like salsa class and dinner with the Weinsteins.

Watch the clip below—and follow the bus’s adventures all this week on The Daily Show.

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