Daily Show Goes to Town on Jay-Z for Hypocrisy on Barney’s Profiling, Selling Out

Jon Stewart took on the Barney’s racial profiling controversy on Wednesday night, and along with Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore, tore into Jay-Z for refusing to address it head-on when he’s had no problem boycotting over other highly-charged racial issues.

After joking that the “shop-and-frisk” may have just been a run-in with the “fashion police,” Stewart called out Jay-Z for not wanting to make “snap judgments” on this racial issue, involving a company that he happens to have business dealings with. This led Wilmore to cry, “Jay-Z doesn’t care about black people!”

Wilmore said it’s unfair to expect Jay-Z to boycott everything, “he’s not Al Sharpton with better rhymes!” He charged that Jay-Z has become “the man,” adding, “He is the danger! He is the one who frisks! He’s not Jay-Z! He’s Jay-Z Penney!”

But at least it’s a sign of progress, because as Wilmore pointed out, “white people have been watching their musical icons sell out to corporations for decades!”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

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