Daily Show Mocks Beto for Dental Cleaning Overshare: ‘Maybe There is Such a Thing as Too Relatable’

On Thursday, the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah joined a chorus of critics of Beto O’Rourke, former election opponent of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), for his video of his own dental cleaning that he posted online for some reason.

“It is 663 days until the next presidential election, but the campaign is already underway,” said Noah. “One of the Democrats exploring a run is former Texas representative and weathered teenage boy Beto O’rourke.”

He’s been traveling around talking to everyday Americans and posting stories on his Instagram, and it turns out, maybe there is such a thing as too relatable,” said Noah setting up the clip.

After the clip, Noah said “yeah, Beto, It looks like didn’t understand what his advisor meant when he said all the kids are flossing. Because like what’s next, Ted Cruz checking his beard for lice on TikTok?”

He joked that it was a genius way to avoid tough questions, acting out a mouth full of dental tools garbling a response.

Hopefully, this will bring an end to the personal video arms race among Democrat hopefuls. It was dancing and then getting beer from the fridge and now dental hygiene. The only place to go from here would probably fit better in the Bezos article than a 2020 one, and we would all like to avoid that this time around.

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