Daily Show Presents Larry David’s Look At The Obama Presidency: Hey, ‘It Could Have Been Worse’!

On Thursday’s Daily Show, host Jon Stewart introduced a video narrated by comedian Larry David, a video with a simple, clear, hard-hitting message about President Barack Obama‘s years in office: Hey. Could’ve been worse.

As David’s narration points out, less bad is, indeed, better than more bad. “Ok, so he didn’t close Guantanamo,” he notes. But it didn’t get any bigger! Fair point. As the video goes on, David also points out what the President has managed to accomplish in spite of some colleagues’ goal of getting him out of office at all costs.

Plus, look. We didn’t get hit by an asteroid. It’s not exactly pretty… pretty… pretty… pretty good, but it’s something.

Check it on out, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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