Daily Show Trolls the Living Hell out of Austin with Brad Paisley Texas Song

The Daily Show is in Austin, Texas this week, and if there’s one thing Austinites love more than fetishizing barbecue, complaining about I-35, drunk driving, Moonshine brunch, dysfunctional state government, Chicken Shit Bingo, pretending Willie Nelson songs don’t all the sound the same, wasting your twenties, Mexican martinis, acting like you go to Barton Springs more than you actually do, and serving beer in establishments that don’t normally serve beer, it’s their local music scene, which is explicitly and emphatically defined against the mainstream Nashville country industry.

So if you’re going to write a novelty song about Texas politics, there’s nothing more troll-y than getting a non-Texan Nashville-based pop-country star to do so.

“You realize I’m from West Virginia, right?” Brad Paisley asked in the middle of the last night’s tune. “And I live in Nashville now?”

“Yeah!” Jason Jones responded. “Nashville, Texas!”


Watch the clip below, via Comedy Central:


[Image via screengrab]

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